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David Feder: What's New

Newest Guitar Student - October 6, 2014

So How young can you start being a musician?  Certainly before Conception. I am very happy to have Audrey Ewald join the Feder School of Music!


Art Loft PBS - October 6, 2014

Sooooo I was recently interviewed for a TV Show called Art Loft. Here is the link to the Interview. It's cool. And for once, I didn't say something too strange....maybe..

 You can check it out here

Art Loft

Cool Jazz and Sexy Blues - October 6, 2014

  Dave The New Jazz and Blues Band with Cliff Stutts and Rob Smith is a fun and challenging project. I have been playing mostly solo for years so this keeps me on my toes rhythmically and harmonically. Come on out to Salt Fusion Saturday Nights to hear what it is all about. You will have fun. Promise.

Rare Dave Concert in the Keys - March 25, 2014

Concert Poster

Heart to Heart - April 13, 2013

I am very happy to announce another completed song for te Dream Painted Room CD. The title is "Heart to Heart"

aka Love Love Love. Special thanks to our neighbor mondo producer Jason Poff, Drummers, Ryan & Luke, Chris Lute, Nyan, Suzi, and everyone who sang along at the Jams especially Lesley.

 Check out the free download link at the top of the page.



Night Blooming Flowers - February 23, 2011

Night FlowerThis Flower grows in the hedge in front of my house in Islamorada. I see it when I walk the dogs late at night. (early in the morning)

 It always makes me smile, mixed with the smells of all the other night bloomers, especially Jasmine, ahhhhh. Took the picture with the I-phone and a little LED flashlight.

 I love the night time, the quiet, the peace, the best time to create for me. Gonna crawl into be now and say good night!

Purple Truck Fire - February 22, 2011

Purple Truck

Hi Guys,

 Sorry I have not been updating you all lately.

 Space Aliens once again have been demanding way too much of my dark hours. Jeeeze!

 To catch up:

 Hmmm lets start with a bang. Our Purple 1976 Ford Ranger Pickup, after three motors, 386,000 miles and a bungied on roof, finally bit the big one.

 Pimp My Ride will not even consider her now.

   After our New Year's Eve Gala, on the way home from delivering the speakers  to storage, the new front brakes seized up, got red hot, melted the brake hose, and caught on fire. In two minutes the flames totally engulfed her. Funny thing is that she chose to die 20 feet from where we bought her on the side of the road 17 years ago. Here is the link to one of the videos of the fire. She went out in a blaze of glory!

Roy Bogue invited us to play for Win Higgins Benefit at Robbie's

Marina. Dana Collins, Nyan, Ryan, Me, Percussion Pete, Larry Oneil, Micah...Good party.....Larry  DaveJammin out.









Don't forget Bay Jam is April 10 Details coming... also let's see..

 Pierre Bensusan concert was usual.... he is  a great musician, composer....very inspiring...


Royal Flush Dance Crew put on a great show also. The whole audience helped out with dancing and fun. One of the performers said "does everyone on this Island Flip?" Thanks Stephanie!


Thursday nights are now Jam/open mike night at the Green Turtle. Jam starts at 10 and goes until 1 AM. Bring your instrument....any style of music is good.

 This Thursday is the first one. Can't wait to see what happens.

Friday is Feder Nation summit at Turtle.

 Daddy Herb is in town and Suzi is stuffing him with food and America's Funniest Home Videos.

Pierre  in studio


 Working in the studio this week with Jess Atkins, Micah, and some Hillbilly Flamenco Guy.

 Love you all..


 PS get on and search Dave Feder..some new stuff pops up that was uploaded from god knows where, and its funny.


Better sharing the Joy! - May 6, 2010

No Idea where it all leads..(yes I'm up late again)
And that's part of the point I guess.
Musically speaking there are so many directions, infinite possibilities really of expressing the song of being. Not just love, life, death or the content of any moment, past, present, or future.
When the question is asked about musical, artistic, creative goals, I really have no master plan other than to keep learning what appeals to me at the moment, deep down inside, trusting the universe to offer me the elements I need, when I need them, to help express the infinite in my own little way. Sometimes it seems that it's the hardest way because the information can be so apparently disparate if I do the unthinkable, and try to think about it. Thinking is a tool that is for me very unmusical. Although I love to think occasionally for sport.
Sometimes the path is so unclear that it is hard to rally and work for months on a tiny bit of technique, harmony, or other concept that in clock time may only last seconds. And more often than not, whatever "it" is has nothing even to do with picking up an instrument at all.
Could be just a vague feeling of a door opening with a message, and allowing that spark to be absorbed and integrated into my own limited understanding.
When I remind my self to accept that I, as a human being, will never be able to comprehend much beyond the limits of my senses, I relax a bit and go back to work, remembering that comprehension of the infinite is not necessary for sharing and enjoying it with others. And this universe, of which we are all expressions, has it's own beauty, grace and wisdom. Joy for me is accepting that rich unknowable harmony unconditionally, without judgment, attachment or resistance.
Tonight while working on yet a another tiny piece of the grand puzzle, it hit me again that whenever I play alone, with one person, twenty people at a bar, a full concert hall, whatever, the musical image is always dynamic, guided somehow by the joy of that present. So musically my goal may be to always become a better conduit to share this Joy more fully with you.

Love Dave

PS Micah is filling in for me at the Turtle Friday, go see him, it will be fun!
New video is in production....really cool.
ITMO, Micah, in studio.....going to bed now.

Breathing....... more than you want. - November 9, 2008

Breathing....... more than you want.
Sometimes our bodies become tight. Our minds are tight; thoughts are
rigid, without flow. This is both a symptom and a cause of dis-ease
and pain.
All of us hold on to images, feelings, and judgments we created at
one time or another to help explain who we were to ourselves. But we
are not our past. We are not our thoughts. We are not our images, no
matter where they came from.
Although past is already gone, for some reason, our bodies tend
to cling to it's memory, in our muscles, and our nerves, compelling
us experience it all again and again, like a scar that reminds us of
a fight.
When we breathe more than we want to, and force our bodies to
inhale past the tension, past the thoughts and images, we purge the
spirit of that past. We forgive all, and end the self-inflicted
punishment. And so, with each breath, we enter a new world of endless

So...whatever it is...whatever it was...breathe past it and wash
it away. You can have it back later if you need it. But for right
now, breathe in more than you want to. Hold it and savor the newness
and beauty of one single, long, deep breath. Then have another. With
every breath we are living a new life, we are reborn, tabula rasa.
Sometimes friends need a good hug. I'm not talking about the one
shoulder socially correct hug, but full on heart to heart. Sometimes
a good hug can help us remember to relax and breathe. We remind each
other of the healing love and beauty in each of us that is always
Heal by example. Hug your friends and take a great big long, deep
belly breath. Its good for everyone.

Borrowing - August 23, 2008

I've received many calls and letters this month regarding articles referring to Hillbilly Flamenco.
Back when I started using this description for my music style, it was very tongue in cheek.
But over the last twelve years or so, there has been some very interesting feedback that I'd like to share with you.
First of all it's just a name. I don't play many cover songs at all, let alone authentic Flamenco.
That's not to say that I haven't been heavily influenced by Flamenco, as well as a vast array of other roots music styles.
But, as I've said before in other rants, it's the freedom in the metaphor that I like.
That said, what Hillbilly Flamenco has done for me has been vast, and I'd like to share it with all of you artists that read these letters.
So what's in a name? Well..everything.
We describe experiences with words all the time. And even if the description isn't particularly accurate, there is always some image that is possible to convey. It tastes like heaven on a stick. OK.
It's a long walk in the forest. Sure.
The description, for the sake of advertising, has to spark some kind of interest.
"It's kind of narcissistic rat poison music for housewives on mars"
The point is that you don't have to appeal to everyone, actually you don't want to.
With all the millions of people looking for new music everyday, you don't want to waste their time.
But you DO want the people who will LOVE your music, art, writing, hot dogs, or whatever, to find you easily.
So Hillbilly Flamenco:
There are some articles on the web like this one: Very cool! But I also receive some torrid comments from Bluegrass and Flamenco Fanatics that cry foul.
Actually fowl would be more accurate. How about Pink Appalachian American Wading Bird Music?
Happily, most of my fans are lighthearted individuals who love a good joke and honest musical expression.
Also the HF brand has helped book the band countless times. So....shwannnng!
And really, that's what it's about, mostly. Inviting folks to come together and connect through a common curiosity, and love of music, despite social, political, and even to some extent, music proclivities.

I borrowed the names like we all borrow ideas from that vast Indra's Net of consciousness. (One Buddhist concept represented by Indra's net, describes the universe as infinitely repeated mutual relations, existing between all members of the universe)
This interpenetration of ideas and awareness is a large part of how we (all of us) grow as one unified consciousness.

Heavy..I know but really it's just borrowing. It’s OK, even necessary to borrow Ideas, techniques, and philosophies. We try them on, fully learn them and explore their connections to what we already know. We see if they feel right for us. Do they seem true? Will they smoothly integrate with our style? Can we make them our own? The universe is an unlimited smorgasbord of ideas and possibilities.

What is Impossible? - August 23, 2008

"It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow."
Robert Goddard

Go team go!
Thanks for being exclusive members of the Hillbilly Flamenco music society. You should be proud to know that your support and helpful inspirations have helped foster the musical and artistic growth of our children and our community. We have not only created new arts venues and opportunities in our little island world, but we have also, in a small way, helped heal the bigger global community. Every time one person is exposed to beauty, to deeper understandings, they give that beauty back to the world. It’s an exponential healing phenomenon.

Music school audition Story - August 23, 2008

When I was applying to Buffalo State College’s music program, there was an audition process. I could have auditioned on piano or guitar. (I ended up playing Saxophone in school, go figure)
I decided on guitar. The guy who held the auditions was one of the instructors for the guitar department, who also played the occasional jazz club. He told me when I made the appointment, “Be prepared to play your best piece of music for me”.
Cool, I played my best song. Nailed it. Beautiful. When I was finished, I looked up and smiled. He had a blank stare and said coldly, “That was not legitimate music”.
Huh?? What do you mean said I. (How any can piece of music be illegitimate?)?
Rolling his eyes, He said “you must prepare a piece that is an accepted blah blah blah………………..
Then he said, assuming that I could not read music, you will have to learn to read blah blah, etc.
His tone and demeanor were so snotty that I felt dejected and defeated. Even though I loved music and had some advanced skills, I was ready to give up.
People like that should not be allowed to have contact with students.
In retrospect, what a putz!
Luckily, I had a good friend who explained to me that this instructor was just a frustrated performer himself, and he used his gatekeeper status to boost his fragile ego.
I really wanted experience this music program. So armed with this new information from my friend, I got a song list directly from the music school department head, found a classic piece I liked, learned it, played it for a different instructor, read the sight reading requirements, got into the school, yippee.

In retrospect,
It’s possible that the snotty instructor was just what I needed at the time. Maybe he was the system’s built-in filtering process , designed to weed out those who were not ready to pursue a life direction that could be filled with seemingly endless and subjective rejections.

Climbing The Mountain - August 23, 2008

Hillbilly Flamenco
Climbing the mountain is the fun part.
Once you are there, the fun is over.
“Because it’s there”, a great reason for pursuing the goal, but there is always a there right?

Yesterday, a friend turned me on to a music business book that had a little chapter titled Hillbilly Flamenco. It was a story about me, and how that description of my style of music helped me. The story was really about how a name, (or an interesting description) can help promote a product.
Pretty cool, that the name, given to me years ago by a friend who was kind of joking, (I think) has had a great effect on my CD sales, concert booking, etc.
But more importantly, it eventually had a profound affect on my way of viewing life, music, art, and performance. Hillbilly Flamenco became a learning tool and a lens through which I was free to explore anything.

When folks ask, “what kind of music do you play?” It still feels somewhat funny to answer Hillbilly Flamenco.
Will I scare them away?
Will they be amused? Offended?

To me Hillbilly is not a derogatory term in any way. To me, it’s the essence of the simple honest music of rural Earth, where I grew up. Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Cajun, and even Rock, all have their roots in the dirt and on the back porches of the world.
Flamenco Music, which evolved as an accompaniment for dancing, was considered peasant music for years. I don’t really play Flamenco at all, but I do play and write Flamenco style, and Flamenco inspired pieces. It’s more the Gypsy spirit, taking what’s around you and making it your own that inspires me.

Maybe one day I’ll find out that I really do have Gypsy blood in me. That would be cool.
There was this girl once…..but that’s another story.

So It’s not about being perfect, or arriving at a certain musical place. It’s about loving, family, growing, evolving through stages with no clear distinctions. There’s no pretence of strict adherence to any genre. It’s about the Freedom to fall and freedom to fly. It’s about the Freedom to challenge the status quo, be simple and have unbridled fun. It’s the freedom to change at any time when the muse dances naked before me and beckons in a new direction.
Hillbilly Flamenco for me means that, anything goes, total freedom in lifestyle and music. It’s a nice mountain to climb, challenging and always there. And musicians in general are kind of Gypsy-like. By and large, they stick together like a big family.
I was with a buddy at a big jam last week, where almost half the people there were performers. One of the guests asked how in the world do all you guys know each other?
My buddy said: “You know how they say in life there are only six degrees of separation?
Well for musicians, it’s usually only one degree.”
And that’s really the way it is. Hillbilly Flamenco, pretty cool.

Making music, helping others learn how to make their own music, listening to music, supporting musicians, and living breathing music, that’s the HF spirit.

Rare Video - December 7, 2007

Rare Video of Dave Live in Mexico Click Play in the Player above or hit this link for a player in a seperate window.

This video was taken by my buddy Chris Dunnett, at the International acoustic guitar Fest this past year in Mexico.
Hope you enjoy it. Just click on the link above.
This friday, 8:00 PM, ICE presents The Klezmatics at the TIB Amphitheater. It's going to be a great show!
The season is looking great too. Stay tuned for the local and touring schedule updates for me and Nyan.

Dust off that Axe! - October 13, 2007

OK, This is for all you guitarists who have been asking for lessons. (And also for R.Ptomey who says I haven't written anything in a while)
My schedule is so wacky that it's really hard to teach any more actual lessons than I do now.
But I think I may have a solution, for season anyway.
Last year I did a guitar workshop that a few folks attended. It was fun and inspiring. The feedback was "we want more"
So I've decided to start a more or less regular workshop series for the winter months.
These workshops will cover everything I can think of that seems important to learn about playing the guitar and making music in general.
I'll cover techniques for learning theory, soloing, writing songs, gaining proficiency on the instrument etc.
It doesn't matter what style of guitar you play, or wish to play. This info will be pretty universal.

I've been playing guitar for over forty years and do have some insights and tricks to share.
I'll also be covering guitar maintenance, and things like how to chose and properly change strings, as well as cleaning. There will be lots of jamming!
These workshops will be very hands on. So we'll have to see who wants to come. We may divide up into beginner, intermediate, and up to very advanced (pro level) classes.
Throughout the winter, I plan to have other professional players also take a turn at teaching one of these workshops.
I've asked some great players that have a wide variety of musical styles to share their secrets. And they are all ready to go!
So drop me a line if you think you may be into it.
Last time was a blast.
We did Cover to Cover books last year and it was very comfy. Maybe that will happen again this time.
So dust off that old guitar in the closet or in the corner or under the bed. It's time to get back into the music muse.
You'll be glad you did.
Love Dave

Message to Students of Music Fay çe que vouldras - May 29, 2007

I heard a comment recently from a musician/teacher who said to his student:
You have to be born into X culture to truly play X style of music.
I have heard comments like this before. And I think they are very destructive and silly.

Music is a language that is accessible to anyone, everyone.
It takes no special training. Listening is free. Even deaf people can feel the vibrations.
Making music is also totally available to everyone.
You do not have to be born into a certain culture or raised in a certain place. It's available to you, and somewhat unavoidable.
I've heard it said that one must be born to play the blues, or born to sing opera, or born into Latin music.

It's Hogwash.

Music is universal, and the choice is one's own.
Everything is available to everyone.
Musicians are made, sometimes self made. Some people know they are musicians from the start, and dedicate their entire being to the craft. Others find music differently, and it becomes a hobby, a release, or a healing pastime.
Pick a style or a bunch of styles, or no style. And go for it. No strings attached. There are no rules. NO RULES!
You can simultaneously love Jimmy Buffet and Devo, Paco DeLucia and Britney Spears, Mozart and M&M, John Coletrane and John Denver. It makes no difference. All Music is valid. You can play it on a violin, a banjo, a rock...
Preferences are OK. Snobbery is a waste of energy.
Go ahead.
Wear the Cowboy Hat!

You may choose not to listen to some kinds of music. There is so much out there that you may want to hone in on what you like during your short time on this planet.
I heard a young man the other day play the blues.
He was playing the blues because he chose the blues. He is allowed. Not because he was poor or black or had the name of a dead president. It was his entry point.
The Blues' endless depth does not preclude its beginning. You have to start somewhere. You have to strum that first chord, pluck that first note, and sing that first word.
Who cares what somebody else thinks?
It's in you and it wants to come out.
You know how many young and not so young Jazz snobs there are?
Lots. Some are even good musicians. But the amazing musicians, the players who really preach the word, those guys are so open and
accepting and encouraging and loving, that a discouraging word would never cross their lips. They Know!

I got a friend, great Jazz and rock guitarist, decided one day he was Irish. He changed his name and picked up a penny whistle. Cool!
I know another guy who saw a movie and started playing music like Django. Not because his family is Gypsy, that music just spoke to him. The woman who plays the most simple folk tunes on a dulcimer......who is she really?

Kahlil Gibran says that children come through us, they are not us.
We are not them.
Actually this is what he said:

"Your children ...are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself"
Thanks Nina.

We are all children of life, on our paths.
As children, we need to allow ourselves, to choose and be whom we choose to be, without putting conditions or limitations on happiness.
Let the students become teachers and know they can do anything.

I hear musicians spew so much crud about what is valid and right musically. Pooh!
"fay çe que vouldras"

Music, any style can be yours, you make it your own.
It may start out as a pale imitation of your listening habits, tempered by your skills and experience. But it is your own. Play it.
Don't cry about what you could have been, if only.
Play, write, dance, whatever!
I know some amazing musicians you will never hear of, who choose to
play the most simple, beautiful honest songs.
Some are amazing not because they are schooled, (some are) skilled, (some are) dedicated, (some are) or born into tradition. (Some are)
They are just honestly expressing what they love, however they know how.
You can sing, bang on trash can lids, or even create music electronically on computers.
Name it whatever you choose.
It does not matter.
Don't let anyone, teachers, parents, piers, loving friends, mates,
etc. tell you that you can't.
You can!

Relative silence - May 24, 2007

OK, now for our daily muse:
This is for listeners, and musicians alike, part in response to
comments and complaints from performers, and part just blathering.

Relative Silence

"Do what your heart tells you to do."
That's what she always told me. That loving guiding spirit of
wisdom whom is always there, just under the surface.
She says, slow down, listen, feel, observe, and then...give what you
can muster at that moment.
We are always better off when we listen and allow our inner guiding
spirit to show us the way through the fog of life.

This morning, at around 3:30, I went to sleep after playing music
for a few hours past reason. It just took a while.
The music was there, waiting for me, but I could not hear it.
I was too busy playing music. Sometimes the music gets in the way
of itself. Or rather I get in the way and forget to listen first to
the silence.
There's this space created when the phone is off, everyone else is
asleep, and the mind is quieting towards silence.
Before real music can be channeled, for me anyway, I have to really
hear the silence first. That profound silence is made up of all the
colors of the sounds and vibrations of the moment.
Like the color white, made up of all colors in the spectrum, all of
those little noises, and vibrations of the world, the night, the
critters, the humming of electricity, blood pumping through veins,
breathing, cars on the highway, distant voices, all becomes a silent
pallet for creation of music.

I'm always listening for that silence, not the absence of sound, but
that white pallet, when I perform, write, compose, decompose.

When we breathe consciously, like in yoga or martial arts, we bridge
that gap between conscious body control and unconscious control. We
draw attention to, and bring under our control, a process that
happens automatically, most of the time without our input. The same
can be done with conscious listening.

We can choose to focus on a sound, taste it, and then put it back
into the environment. Or we can hear all sounds as a whole sea of
life in which we swim, trying not to pee in the pool.

Writing songs within the song of the universe is no small task. But,
like jamming with other musicians, listening always comes first! It's
great to know what the conversation is about before adding to it.
On stage, at shows, on the porch, in the studio, in my head, I
always try to hear what is going on first. Sometimes there is more
going on sonically inside my head, sometimes not.
When I do hear it, there is that short "Indra's net" connection to
all things that allows me to participate in the continuing dialog.

Now the question is, as performers, in a society and a world made
up of noises, sounds, loud cars, Disco thumping, drink orders,
cappuccino machines, cell phones, etc., can we consistently create
that pallet of silence in our environment of the moment?
After performing in all kinds of venues for over forty years,
I never expect, I just try to listen and do the best I can, at the
moment. But I have no problem ever, in any size venue, politely
shushing the audience. ;-)

We are the Tiger - May 15, 2007

When the stars threw down their spears
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the lamb make thee?

There was a Door to which I found no Key:
There was a Veil past which I could not see:
Some little Talk awhile of ME and THEE
There seemed--and then no more of THEE and ME.
"Omar Khayyam"

We are the Tiger:

It's raining, thunder, lightning, thanks, we needed the water! The
plants were drying out and the beautiful new grass at the amphitheater was looking sad. Hope we get some more to fill Tidal Wave Dave's cistern too.

We hunted for a new van today in Miami. It's so funny the way the
car salesmen all pop out when you drive in.
Like the little polyps on the reef. You can hear their hearts beating faster. The wheels turning. Rehearsing their lines like actors back stage.

The old Caravan has 125,000 on the odometer, and maybe it's not worth the repairs for this summer. Although those things seem to run forever, it's also a space issue. We now travel with three dogs. Well,.. two and a half. Plus music equipment, guitars, amps etc.
We are seriously thinking of a camel, elephant or pack mule. I think a Winnabego is out of the question with gas at 25 bucks a gallon.

The new CD is done except for Art work and a last minute Tango, "Suzi
Says" Hard Tango! Oh Yea.
Come to Morada Bay Thursday night at 10 PM, and you can hear all
of it Live!
Now we have to do all the manufacturing stuff. So much to do!

Get your tickets for the Sunset Civic Center show on June 8th. They
are going fast! located at 10610 West Oakland Park Boulevard,
Sunrise, FL, This place is beautiful.
(954) 747-4646 (Box Office)

On July 27, We will have a very special house concert with Pierre
Bensusan, one of my favorite musicians of all time!
Please stay tuned for details. This will be a limited seating,
fundraiser, with A/C.
Don't miss this show if you are in town. Pierre is one of the greatest living musicians you will ever hear, ever!

Peace Friends!
Yes, I'm a Hippie.

Who the Heck am I? - April 30, 2007

Sometimes I don't know exactly who I am.
Although, I do endeavor to walk what I feel, to be a true path. I don't always succeed. And it's Not Good vs. Evil or Right vs. Wrong.
I take care to bring my steps closer in line with universal truths and walk towards the betterment of humanity. Focusing on what kind of energy I might reflect.
I know that violence, bred from ignorance, is ultimately unnecessary and self perpetuating.
I know that we can teach our children by example that Greed, selfishness, and ethnocentric behavior, do not help the world in any way.
I feel better giving than taking. However I feel that it is all to easy to be giving as well as taking out of ignorance. (The original Golden Rule Read: Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you)
I feel that what we eat, and what we read, what we watch on TV and at the Movies, all affect us as people.
What we say and what we do can be very powerful. intention is the moving force of the universe, so we must pay attention to our intentions.
And I feel that our most inner nature is perfect and peaceful and loving, and the closer we come to that inner nature, the better the world will be. I believe, that even for those of us who now live under a very darkened veil, it is possible to connect with this perfect inner nature.

When giving voice to these ideas, sometimes, it is more comfortable for me to speak musically, under the intellectual radar.
Even though the words are not always there, for they can be interpreted and misconstrued, or altogether rejected, the intent is ever present in the music. And this is my intent:
When I perform/share music with people/the universe, I'm not just me playing too someone. I am a conduit for and the totality of everything that exists, manifesting as a little vibration, so that it can be experienced and easily accessible to anyone and everyone who listens.
It's not as heavy as it sounds. It's just that, at a subatomic/spiritual level, we are all the same being, everywhere, everywhen.
My role, my obligation, my dharma, my purpose, at that moment, is to manifest this oneness and help you and me remember, even if for a brief instant, who we are and have always been.
This is what I do and why I do it. It feels good to get back to the garden of Eden, past the cherubs, beyond the tree of "knowledge" to glimpse our true universal oneness, our tree of life. We are that garden, those trees, the cherubs, the snake.
So that's some of it in a nutshell.
Oh yea, and I love Dogs.

What a Month! - February 25, 2007

This Month we had some awesome shows. Arlo Guthrie & family were amazing, And Michael Pickett gave us the Blues just Right.
Nyan, Suzi and Dave will be heading to Mexico next week for the International Guitar festival in Zihuatanejo. Nyan's second International tour. Cool! Not bad for 11 years old!

After Lots of late night practice sessions, he is getting those fingerstyle chops together for six scheduled events. This is an acoustic gig so no Strat and wah this time. ;-(
We have some cool new versions of Blues for Cosmo and other songs from the Reason Why CD. Plus a couple of new songs written just to highlight Nyan's favorite kind of fun.
Here's Arlo and Dave chillin after the show. Thanks for the picture sent in by Bob.

Nyan "Hurricane" Feder - September 10, 2006

There's a Storm a commin.

Guitar Workshop - August 19, 2006

It's that time again folks.
School is in session. And I'll be doing my famous (infamous) Guitar workshop series again, with lots of great new information and tips for releasing that great musician inside you.
We will have beginner, Intermediate, and advanced/Pro level groups all year.
If you would like to arrange a class for you group of friends, just drop me an email with the date. If you live outside the Florida Keys area, I can help you arrange a great Keys guitar vacation.
In other news:
I'll be posting some pictures from the Newport Guitar Festival soon. It was amazing!
Ta Ta for now

Getting Married? - August 15, 2006

Hey Folks,
Looking for wedding invitations? Try this site - they offer a great selection of wedding announcements and cards.
You can find lots more great wedding service links on my Helpful Links page.

Go With the Flow Wu-Wei - July 26, 2006

Hi Guys.
Well, summer is almost over and by popular demand, I'll be booking some local shows here in the Keys. So stay tuned for the schedule and save your martini money!
In other news: Micah's CD is finished and on the way to the manufacturer. Should be here by August 2. Right On! Try to catch Micah before he leaves for the Summer. Hope all of you are having a great summer. Go with the flow!

Kids in the Studio! - July 12, 2006

Could this be the next Killer Band?

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