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David Feder: Know Dave?

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  David Feder Hillbilly Flamenco Guitarist/Songwriter David Feder has been captivating audiences worldwide with his playfully sensual music for over 20 years. With a warm smile and a funny charismatic presence, this remarkable musician has earned a devoted following. And with his fresh approach to the finger style Classic guitar, Feder breathes new life into the American Gypsy-World Music scene.

   "David Feder is a phenomenal guitarist...and one of the best kept secrets in the Florida Keys..." (Carl Hiaasen)  

   Feder was born in 1958, in Niagara Falls, New York, "The Honeymoon Capital of the World." At age five, the family moved to rural Pennsylvania where David began learning piano and guitar. By age nine, he started writing and playing his own songs, influenced by his grandfather's humorous folk singing and the guitar playing of the local sheriff. In fact, most of the tunes he plays today are variations of those songs he wrote as a child. "I believe we all have one song inside of us and everything we write ends up being one version or another expression of that inner song."

     "David Feder took the stage next -- a real world-class act. He did amazing things on an electrified Taylor classical guitar during an incredible set.... If his sheer musicianship wasn't dazzling enough, the stories he told about his compositions were funny, moving, and he really touched a lot of people with his music." (John Bartus) 

    David is an avid martial artist, practicing for over thirty-five years. He says the discipline that comes from that practice helps focus mind and body to better express the music inside. There's something about releasing the ego and the need to win that allows the music to develop and flow more freely. And by viewing everyone as teachers, it becomes easier to open up emotionally and share artistically and spiritually. David studied engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester New York, and Music performance at Buffalo State Teacher's College. Along with music, David has made his living as an electronic systems designer, studio engineer, and underwater camera repairman. For the last twenty years Feder has lived in the island paradise of the Florida Keys, a Mecca for artists of all mediums. The diversity of culture in the islands is embraced in all of Feder's recordings. In 1995, Feder signed a distribution deal with Lyra Recordings, boosting performances in the USA and abroad. His music is currently heard on radio, TV and films worldwide. Whether performing at large outdoor festivals or small intimate settings, David is equally at home performing solo or with his all star band.

    "And the music is so clear and true that it makes you shiver" (CC Hemingway)

    David's first album, "Waiting for Sara," is soft romantic Latin Jazz while "The Reason Why," is pure funk and blues.  "Black Emerald" is Exciting "Hillbilly Flamenco." "Saranade" overflows with sensual, all original, instrumental songs inspired by family and friends.  Feder is a devoted husband and father. His wife Suzi and son Nyan take center stage in his life.

   David is the director of ICE (Islamorada Community Entertainment) a not-for-profit organization created to help young artists through grants and workshops. Feder's son Nyan appears on some of Dave's recordings. Nyan is very busy now with high school and his own band "Birthday Gang," an all original Ska project that has become a South Florida favorite. Nyan can still be seen sometimes playing with Dave at the Green Turtle and on international shows. Life is inexorably intertwined with music.


Nyan "Hurricane" Feder - Guitarist

     Nyan Feder started playing guitar at the age of two. As the son of a performing musician, concert promoter and studio owner, he is no stranger to the music world. Growing up on and around performance venues, Nyan is at home on any stage. Fortunately, many great local and international musicians he has met over his few years in the industry, generously continue to share their knowledge with the thirsty and talented student. Nyan's main instrument is the guitar, but he also plays piano, sax and experiments with several other musical instruments.
   Nyan started out playing Spanish Fingerstyle Guitar with dad, but recently he's been venturing into the SKA and Jazz/Blues styles.

  Nyan started writing his own songs during hurricane Katrina and continues to write whenever the muse strikes him. In the past few years Nyan has played concerts large and small, from the Florida Keys to Ixtapa, Mexico. He has shared the stage with rock and roll legends including, Steven Tyler, DMC, Chuck Berry, Alto Sax (from Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band), George Terry (Eric Clapton's Guitarist and writer of Lay Down Sally), and Skunk Baxter from Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers.

 Currently Nyan works with his band "Birthday Gang" an all original SKA project. He still plays shows internationally with his father David and also with the Saltwater Blues Band. You can hear Nyan performing regionally at many South Florida events. You can expect much more music from this young talent in the years to come. For more information check the Schedule at the website: